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Position Details

Position Information

Position Number EPYRLEM10068
Slot Number 2
Job Description Summary

The purpose of this position is to provide oversight of and direction to the daily operations of the Payroll department and supervise staff. The Director will assist with assessing needs and developing new programs and processes to provide more efficient and effective service to the organization. Under the supervision of the Executive Director of Human Resources and Administration, the Director will provide oversight of payroll operations, adhere to college policies, assure compliance with laws and regulations and meet all reporting requirements for federal and state agencies as related to payroll. The Director will also provide assistance to the Executive Director of Human Resources and Administration with matters including special projects, payroll related policy revisions/formation, and open records requests as related to payroll.

Required Job Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree. Five years related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Job Duties

Note: This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below does not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent in this position.

Job Duty

Verify, calculate, and input data; process absences, deductions, garnishments, insurance, PER 101’s, time reports, and other paperwork for various employees; manage data processing of adjunct/overload cards, course release/stipends, employment verifications; and manage time keeping system.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Communicate with internal and external individuals; prepare and process written and oral communications with employees, department personnel, external vendors and federal/state agencies.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Provide expertise regarding payroll laws and regulations; remain current with the laws regarding payroll, remain current with laws regarding ACA, TRS, IRS, DOL, and ERS; and know how to find information on various laws via the internet and other sources.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Balance and run payrolls; set up control totals; input data into various databases and balance database totals; verify and balance standard gross earning totals for various employee groups; verify and balance overtime payments, garnishments, deductions, and benefits; work with Information Technology department to verify direct deposit information before transmitting payment to bank and verify they print all hard copies of reports; sign and distribute checks; and process calculations, requests and distribution of Interim checks; run and verify completion of void/replacement issue check runs.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Prepare various reports throughout the year; produce and mail direct deposit pre-note letters; process electronic filing of child support, TSA, and ORP payments; copy all deduction and benefit pages for distribution to companies with payments; input all deduction and benefit total into Access database; request from the Business Office to pay deductions and benefits; process mailing of letters, and deduction/benefit sheets; work on TRS and ERS filing information and following up to verify it was accepted; prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports; manage filing of W-2 and ACA information to the IRS; handle the timely reporting of the taxes; work with Workman’s Compensation auditors; and work with the in-house and external auditors.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Supervise departmental staff, assign duties, monitor and assess progress, conduct annual performance evaluations; and ensure that departmental staff participates in annual professional developmental activities.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Conduct ERS reconciliation; process open records requests; ensure records management conforms to College policies; supervise projects and daily work load of employees; provide training and produce training material aides to facilitate staff training; provide information (written and/or speech) on the behalf of the department.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function?
Job Duty

Development and monitor the Payroll departmental budget; approve and manage expenditures within the approved budget.

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes

Job Requirements

Supervision of Employees Yes
Human Collaboration HIGH
Decision Making and Independent Judgment MODERATE
Budget Responsibility Monitors budget expenditures for consumable goods and requisitions for a department.
Other Requirements

Physical Demands

Physical Demands

Note: This is intended as a description of the way the job is currently performed. It does not address the potential for accommodation.

Physical strength for this position is Sedentary - Exerting up to 10 lbs. occasionally or negligible weights frequently; sitting most of the time.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software, and Hardware

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software, and Hardware

Computers, printers and related Microsoft software products, specialized software.

Protective Equipment Required


Health and Safety Factors

Mechanical Hazards N - Never
Chemical Hazards N - Never
Electrical Hazards N - Never
Fire Hazards N - Never
Explosives N - Never
Communicable Diseases N - Never
Physical Danger and Abuse N - Never

Environmental Factors

Respiratory Hazards N - Never
Wetness/Humidity N - Never
Noise and Vibration N - Never
Physical Hazards N - Never
Extreme Temperatures N - Never

Non-Physical Demands

Time Pressure (N)ever Never occurs
Emergency Situation (N)ever Never occurs
Frequent Change of Tasks (N)ever Never occurs
Irregular Work Schedule/Overtime (N)ever Never occurs
Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously (N)ever Never occurs
Working Closely with Others as Part of a Team (N)ever Never occurs
Tedious or Exacting Work (N)ever Never occurs
Noisy/Distracting Environment (N)ever Never occurs

Primary Work Location

Primary Work Location Office Environment