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Position Details

Position Information

Position Number EDEVEEM10074
Slot Number 18
Job Description Summary

The Executive Director of Development for Del Mar College, as part of the administrative staff of the College, is directly responsible to the President of the College. In fulfilling the duties of office, the Executive Director of Development serves as a member of the College’s advancement team and acts within the framework of College policy.

Required Job Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree. Three years related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Master’s degree.

Job Duties

Note: This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below does not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent in this position.

Job Duty

Further the interests of the College and the College District, support the goals of the College’s Strategic Plan, and will maximize the Colleague system.

Develop, implement, maintain, and monitor the College’s Development, Foundation, Alumni Services and Grants program activities.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Work with the College President to identify, define and promote campaign priorities that further the College’s mission and strategic plan.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Utilize outstanding leadership, management and interpersonal skills to relate to a wide diversity of benefactors, community members, alumni, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and friends of the College.

In coordination with the College President, prepare an annual Development budget showing the annual financial growth objective and a breakdown of estimated expenditures for the Development activities. (SACS recommendation)

In coordination with the College President, the Foundation Board of Trustees, and the Alumni Council establish annual Foundation fundraising goals, and manage progress toward those goals. (SACS recommendation)

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Present to the President of the College, the Board of Regents, the Foundation Board of Trustees, and the Alumni Association reports reflecting the progress of Development and such special reports as may be requested by the President of the College or other entities.

Provide leadership in the areas of scholarships, major gifts, planned giving, annual giving, alumni affairs, prospect management and research, fund investment, grant research, grant development and management, foundation relations management and grant PI development and management.

Coordinate with the College administration to identify fundable capital improvement projects and major equipment necessary to further the College’s strategic plan and package those needs appropriately to prospective donors.

Develop and implement ongoing and special programs and campaigns that are designed to reach the long and short-range goals of Development, Foundation, Alumni Services and Grants departments.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Optimize a structured alumni organization and develop a plan to utilize the alumni in education, advocacy, and development endeavors.

Optimize a comprehensive, integrated Grants program incorporating Federal, State, Corporate and Foundation proposals. Cultivate and promote development of Principal Investigators for Grant eligible programs and provide research and pre-submission support for grant development.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Prepare grant applications and special proposals and presentations to seek financial support from such sources as foundations, governmental sources, corporations, and private individuals for applicable grants to the Foundation.

Maintain a clearinghouse for all fundraising and grant events or opportunities for the College.

Recommend advocacy opportunities for the College President as well as members of the Foundation Board of Trustees, the Alumni Council, and other College administrators, faculty, staff and students; prepare briefing materials and coordinate schedules.

Provide leadership in the appropriate use of techniques for solicitation of current and deferred gifts.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Monitor, implement, and coordinate all financial and legal obligations for the departments: Development, Foundation, Alumni Services and Grants

Represent the College, Foundation, and Alumni before civic groups, organizations, and other agencies.

Recruit volunteers and employees to help coordinate development projects beneficial to the College.

Supervise all Development, Foundation, Alumni Services, and Grants business affairs.

Serve as a liaison and channel of communication for the President of the College, the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Alumni Association, staff, and the community.

Further professional abilities through attendance at seminars, conferences, and association meetings.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes
Job Duty

Conduct research to facilitate advocacy for strategic fund raising plans utilizing local, regional and national data, to project specific goals.

Provide appropriate matrices, spreadsheets, data bases and other comparative graphics, for planning, implementing and assessing the effectiveness of development efforts.

Utilize a professional style that emphasized integrity, accessibility and the ability to develop, foster and maintain positive relationships throughout the professional and College community.

Serve as advisor and consultant to the President of the College.

Serve on the President’s Staff and Executive Cabinet.

Develop and administer the departmental budgets; approve and manage expenditures, and forecast short and long-term budgeting needs.

Supervise departmental staff, assign duties, monitor and assess for progress, conduct annual performance evaluations; and ensure that departmental staff participates in annual professional developmental activities.

Serve on campus committees as required.

Perform other duties that are necessary to ensure the success of the Development/Foundation/ Alumni/Grants operations and such other development duties that respond to changing conditions or requirements.

Carry out such other activities as may be directed by the President of the College, or as opportunities may be available, in furtherance of the College’s, the Foundation’s, and Alumni Services’ good reputation and efficiency, or in pursuit of other benefits to the College, Department, Foundation, Alumni Association or Grants.

Percentage Of Time
Essential Function? Yes

Job Requirements

Supervision of Employees Yes
Human Collaboration
Decision Making and Independent Judgment
Budget Responsibility
Other Requirements

Physical Demands

Physical Demands

Note: This is intended as a description of the way the job is currently performed. It does not address the potential for accommodation.

Physical strength for this position is

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software, and Hardware

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software, and Hardware
Protective Equipment Required

Health and Safety Factors

Mechanical Hazards
Chemical Hazards
Electrical Hazards
Fire Hazards
Communicable Diseases
Physical Danger and Abuse

Environmental Factors

Respiratory Hazards
Noise and Vibration
Physical Hazards
Extreme Temperatures

Non-Physical Demands

Time Pressure
Emergency Situation
Frequent Change of Tasks
Irregular Work Schedule/Overtime
Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously
Working Closely with Others as Part of a Team
Tedious or Exacting Work
Noisy/Distracting Environment

Primary Work Location

Primary Work Location